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Tested: Evapo-Rust vs Deox-C

One aspect of owning an older car is that you end up having to restore of a lot of rusted and corroded parts, and that means breaking out the chemical rust dissolvers.

While Evapo-Rust is very easy to get in most parts of the world, I couldn't help but notice that classic car restoration shops were using something I had never seen before on store shelves in the US. So through the magic of eBay and cheap international shipping, I bought a bottle and conducted a head-to-head comparison test between America's top rust remover and the favorite of Britain's best restoration specialists.

Here are the results:

Where to find:


Disclosure Section:

StudioVRM is not affiliated with Evapo-Rust or Bilt Hamber. Which is good, because I don't think either of them would be terribly happy with me after watching this video.


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