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Some Seatbelt Cutters are (much) Better than Others

An emergency seatbelt cutter isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of racecar safety equipment. But close friend and fellow racer Chris "Cessna" Eng insisted that it would help him feel more comfortable behind the wheel of his Improved Touring S prepped Subaru Impreza.

So what better way to test his idea than to get two of the most popular seatbelt cutters out there and try them on some brand new seatbelt material?

Here's the full video of what we found:

Products Featured:


Disclosure Section:

All products shown were purchased out of Roger's own pocket, at full price.

That said, StudioVRM is now an Amazon Associate, which means that we get a tiny bit of income if you buy a product using the Amazon links above.

All that said, I would strongly recommend against buying the VicTsing seatbelt cutter for the reasons shown above.


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