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Rich Energy is the Pepsi Throwback of Energy Drinks

Normally I wouldn't post three videos in a row, but this time I'm making an exception. Because by some bizarre coincidence, I found out that you can buy Rich Energy Drink from And my case of 24 cans just arrived.

For those of you who may not understand why I'm so excited, Rich Energy Drink is a near-mythical energy drink produced by the London-based Rich Energy Ltd. The company popped up seemingly from nowhere and made a name for itself by offering high-dollar motorsport sponsorships while offering no apparent product. A judgement from a recent lawsuit revealed that many of the 9 million cans produced from the company were never actually filled with drink. Almost everyone who knew anything about it doubted that the actual drink actually existed.

So you can imagine my excitement when I, a hardcore enthusiast of both motorsport and energy drinks, got my greasy mitts on a whole case of this mystery drink. There was only one thing to do. Do a taste test and capture my rambling first impressions on video: 

Where I got it:

See you at the track.

Disclaimer Section:

StudioVRM is not affiliated or sponsored by Walmart or Rich Energy Ltd. Roger paid for this case of Rich Energy Drink fully expecting the taste to be awful and that he would have to beg his friends to take it off his hands. Fortunately he was wrong and will likely be drinking it all.


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