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Quick Tip: Double Screwdriver Trick for Stuck Screws

I'm sure you all know about the double-wrench trick, where you can link two combination wrenches together to break stuck nuts. But how many of you know about the double-screwdriver trick to help loosen over-torqued screws?

Well, it turns out that the hanger holes on the tops of hardware store screwdrivers are quite strong - Strong enough that you can stick a second screwdriver into them and use it as a T-handle to get some extra torque.

It might not look like very much, but that few extra inches of leverage are enough to multiply the torque applied to the fastener by a factor of 3-5x. It's enough to break most stuck and rusty fasteners in cars, appliances, and your home.

It's a handy trick for when the power drill is out of reach, or when you leave your impact driver in the other toolkit. Just don't use that trick to tighten the screws, or you'll never get them back out.

Special Thanks

Thanks to ProjectCRX's Martin Szwarc for this tech tip. Check out to learn more about his wild misadventures in our Honda CRX endurance racer.


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