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Blue Leaf Technologies Joins StudioVRM.Racing as Enterprise IT Solutions Partner

We at StudioVRM.Racing are excited to announce that Blue Leaf Technologies has signed on to become our team's official Enterprise IT Solutions Partner.

Blue Leaf Technologies is one of the best-kept secrets in American Enterprise IT Management. Over the last 20 years, this New Jersey-based consulting firm developed a reputation for solving complex technology problems and performing fast-paced, enterprise-grade tech rollouts for big name corporations including global law firm Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, fashion giants Capri Holdings Limited (a.k.a. Michael Kors Limited), and reigning NBA Southwest Division champions Memphis Grizzlies.

Blue Leaf's expertise in modern workspace, enterprise cloud, remote access, desktop support, and infrastructure systems has earned them a place in many CIOs' address books, while their ingenuity and speed have helped them succeed where big-name IT consulting conglomerates struggle. Intricate technical knowledge of Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, Oracle, and Ivanti platforms has helped them become one of the most prominent woman-owned technology implementers in the New York Metro area.

Through this new partnership, our teams will combine forces to push the limits of car, personnel, and modern enterprise technology on the gritty, fast-paced world of Professional Touring Car Racing.

Roger Maeda, Driver-Owner, StudioVRM.Racing says:

"It always surprises people when we tell them that the technology needs of a modern racing team rivals that of a medium-size enterprise. But it's 100% true. Developing and running a modern-day racecar involves an astronomical volume of computer simulations and data analysis. The processing power and storage volume required to handle this data is so intense that we simply cannot do it without the help of enterprise-grade cloud computing technologies. Without these capabilities, independent teams like us would never be able to compete with the larger factory-backed efforts that we race with.

I have worked with several top-tier technology consulting companies in the past 10 years, and Blue Leaf Technologies has consistently been the fastest and the most efficient at solving complex technology problems. The creative direction of their Chief Architect Uday Patel has helped us address some of the most challenging performance problems and made our internal IT magnitudes simpler for our team. The implementation team at Blue Leaf has also helped us achieve this quickly, which, for a budget-conscious organization like ours, is priceless.

We would like to thank Blue Leaf Technologies CEO Rinku Patel for dedicating her team's expertise towards our pursuit of cutting-edge performance. We look forward to sharing the limelight on the top step of the USTCC podium."

To commemorate the start of our team's official partnership, Blue Leaf Technologies' digital designers have outfitted our race team with high-tech apparel:

Look for our drivers and mechanics, who will be sporting this fresh look at our next US Touring Car Championship race!


To learn more about Blue Leaf Technologies and their services, visit:


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