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Wing vs No Wing - Do DIY Wings and Splitters Work?

A few weeks ago, the StudioVRM Racing Team outfitted its Prelude Si racecar with a garage-built aero kit and raced it at the SCCA's 2019 Summer Thunder at NJMP event.

So we took the opportunity to show everyone exactly how fast these add-on aero bits made the car by comparing the data from this race to testing data from earlier this year.

TL;DR: Yes, aftermarket aero does make a big difference, especially through high speed corners. It also has some serious drawbacks. Be prepared to lose some straight line speed and make sure your car's engine oil system can handle the extra cornering G's.

Where to find these parts:

See you at the track.

Disclosure section:

StudioVRM is now an Amazon Associate, which means that we get a tiny bit of income if you buy a product using the Amazon links above. We would be tremendously grateful if you did just that.


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