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How-To: Prevent and Fix Common Problems with Honda Camber Kits

For years, we at have used and recommended the use of adjustable control arm pivots to correct camber on street and track driven Hondas. But lately we are hearing more and more reports of enthusiasts running into issues of all sorts with these affordable and easy to install camber kits.

So, we thought we would show you some tips and tricks to make these seemingly simple alignment adjusters last longer and provide a few pieces of advice for those of you who are thinking about buying a camber kit like this for your car:

Special thanks to CMP Racing Team Owner Ross Shull for the photos of his crazy looking camber kit failure as well as the video of his alternate solution. Watch the team rock the Champcar field, live on the CMP Racing Youtube Channel.

See you at the track.


Disclosure section:

Neither StudioVRM nor Roger Maeda are affiliated with any of the brands represented in this article or video. Everything on screen was purchased for full price out of Roger's own pocket, except of course, the broken control arm anchors and the slotted control arm in the footage we got from Ross. And we're pretty sure that he bought those out of his own pocket too.


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