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How to Clean Persistently Greasy Tools

Every good mechanic has that one tool that turns your hand black every time you pick it up. For some of us it's a greasy suspension tool like a ball joint separator or a C-clamp. Or the feeler gauges and engine assembly tools that are always covered in motor oil.

Either way, there are a few ways to keep tools like that clean and corrosion-free without having to buy and set up your own tool wash station. Here it is:

Products mentioned in order of decreasing rarity:


See you at the track.



Disclosure Section:

StudioVRM is not supported by any of the vendors whose products are mentioned in this How-To video. As usual, all of the items shown were purchased out of Roger's own pocket without any discounts or support.

Roger buys and recommends all of these products. Especially the dish soap. As far as he's concerned, that stuff is magic.


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