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Get Honda Brake Rotor Screws Out the Right Way

It turns out that there is actually a Honda-recommended method for removing those Brake Rotors screws that everyone has trouble getting out. And for some odd reason, no one had it up, so I turned it into a how-to video: 

I figured this out while flipping through the Japanese-language version of the 95 Accord Factory Service Manual at a used book store in Yamaguchi. The brake rotor screws had a "#3" and torque values in N-m, which seemed unusual. Not in the least because the #3 didn't seem to correlate against anything on the page but because they normally don't specify torque values for cross-headed screws.

It took me a long time to figure out "#3" meant "use a JIS B-1012 Cross-Head #3 screwdriver" and the torque value is there because they have torque wrenches with bit driver heads over there.

Hopefully this helps if you still have these screws in your Honda.


PS: For those of you who are having trouble finding this screwdriver, here's a link to it on Amazon:

PPS: No, I don't work for Vessel and they don't sponsor me. In fact I paid $18 of my own money and waited 2 weeks shipping from Japan to get mine. Now you can get them off of Amazon for $14 with free shipping.


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